Client Testimonial

Thanks for the quick turnaround, and for the great commitment. We are very happy with our kitchen and living room, and everyone who visits us praise the high quality execution, which unfortunately is a rare case in the UAE. Of course, as with any project, there are ups and downs, but even with very tough obstacles in front of us, they never let us down, always came with ideas and solutions, no matter how tough the challenge was.  

Mike G

September 2014

Besides from great quality work, I appreciate your honesty and time management skills. I have had such bad experience with other agencies who would be late to appointments and basically be disrespectful to the time of myself and husband.  

Marlene H

December 2014

We worked with Bello Interior to design and fit-out our new 8000sqf office in downtown Dubai. We moved from an office which was bigger in size however more traditional in terms of set up, to a new modern office that is truly reflective of our desired organizational culture. We thank your creative designers and fit-out specialists in working closely with us to make our new office our new home.  

Wassim H

February 2015

I can’t explain in words how much I love my home, it is like a fairytale coming alive!!! Thank you for capturing our essence and translating it in such a beautiful and functional way. Your professionalism exceed my expectations; you raised the bar for standards, and showed me and everyone who visits us that the designers and contractors in Dubai are not all commercially driven! I enjoyed so much working with you and I hope to have many more projects together.  

Sofia K

March 2015

Bello Interior has a very talented team of professionals who worked very seamlessly. The team members complemented each other, and there was a clear sense of passion and commitment towards offering us the most suitable solution.  

Mohammad M

November 2015

I’ve worked with Mohammed and his team on over 3 projects now and it is a great pleasure to work with them as we understand each other very well, and they appreciate the commitment that we are obliged to deliver against. Now when I buy properties, I don’t hesitate to call Mohammed for a complete  

Thomas J

May 2016

As a general contractor, I like to work with a solution provider who we can rely on. I have tons of commitments with end users and my network of partners must be solid as the quality of the provider’s work reflect on us as a main contractor. I have tried many different providers in the UAE, however for the past 2 years I have consistently been working with Bellor Interior which has proven to be a reliable and committed partner. They always try to work around obstacles in order to progress work and meet deadlines. I consider them as a true partner and a strong component of our value chain.  

Danny H

March 2017