Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Nothing beats custom made furniture

If you can imagine it, we can create it. The choice of furniture is not limited to what we see in magazines. We want to make any furniture available to become yours, with your unique touch, customized specifically for you.

We will start by developing sketches using CAD (2D and 3D) to create the initial custom furniture. We will co-develop drawings and agree on the specifications with you. Once the drawings are approved we will send them to one of our manufacturing partners who will provide a quotation.

Custom made furniture does not only need to be wood. We can combine wood, steel, fabric and glass to create impeccable looking, timeless yet very functional furniture.

Our experience ranges from building smaller units like custom fit built-in closets and cabinets to full-fledged furniture for homes and offices. If you are looking to build a unique piece of furniture that makes your visitors turn around, then custom made furniture is the way to go. You can now translate what you always have imagined into reality.